About Me

Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m Adrian, the owner of this blog.

This is a blog where you can find inspiration to travel alone. I went to most destinations alone. But, I never stayed alone because traveling solo leads automatically to new friends. By the way, traveling with somebody also has its automation. There are two outcomes either you like or love each other more after traveling together or you will decide to never travel together anymore.

I only write about things that you can do on your own. I never suggest anything you would need to be “two” when starting. Of course, there are things which you cannot actually do alone like scuba diving where you always need a buddy but you will find him or her at the dive school. You don’t need to bring him or her along.

So if you are looking for couple holidays or even group holiday. I have no clue to help you. But if you don’t have any friend who shares the same interest but you still want to travel you are in the right place. I actually never heard about an individual who HONESTLY ALWAYS wanted to do the same thing in the SAME MOMENT. So if you are sick of compromising and just want to do what you want. You are on the perfect page to get your inspiration.

I write about destinations I have been to. No doubt there are many blogs who tell you this too. But you don’t read this to get information about the place only. You read this to feel how it is when traveling alone. That’s why you will find posts that are written in present tense which should help you to imagine and experience my trips right in this moment.

I hope I can help to give you the motivation to do it as well. If I inspired you, then please tell me. I would also love to post a guest article. But don’t forget: write in the present tense so I can experience your trip as well like it would happen right in this moment!

Have fun reading


If you are interested in writing a guest post for my site. Please check out the following guidelines below and precisely follow it.

1. Be unique and original. I always assure quality in all of my posts so, please write at least 1000 words. Anything too short will be sent back to you.

You should experience everything first hand. Don’t bluff and copy other’s content.
Include links to your sources for my readers to research further.

IMPORTANT: Be mindful of your tense. If you notice all my posts are written in present tense. I want my readers to experience my posts by the moment.

2. Send me the right format. Kindly, send me the post in a word doc and attach all images.

3. Have fun writing it. If you are not enjoying it how can my readers enjoy it as well?

Now, that you finished reading the guidelines you are now ready to be a guest blogger on my travel site. What are you waiting for? Send me now at least three topics you wanna write or a draft.

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