Cumbuco January/February 2015

Very close to Fortaleza you can find Cumbuco. There is a bus at Beira Mar in Fortaleza or another one I don’t know exactly where… but you will find it ๐Ÿ˜‰. Just ask the people โ€œonde tem omnibus para cumbuco?โ€ and don’t think it is enough to ask just one person. The reason is Brazilian…

Jericoacoara January 2015

Jericoacoara Sweet and short Jericoacoara is called Jeri. I went there for Kite Surfing and any activities I can do there. To go there I took the services of Fredcar. They bring you with a rolling freezer to Jijoco and from there with this rolling shaker to Jeri. Shaken and frozen I arrived the place….