Pipa February 2015

Pipa is a nice village two hours by bus from Natal in the district of Rio Grande do Norte. It’s one of the cleanest places I visited in Brazil and they do everything to keep the town and beaches clean. I arrived there pretty tired from the night bus I took from Fortaleza to Natal….

Cumbuco January/February 2015

Very close to Fortaleza you can find Cumbuco. There is a bus at Beira Mar in Fortaleza or another one I don’t know exactly where… but you will find it 😉. Just ask the people “onde tem omnibus para cumbuco?” and don’t think it is enough to ask just one person. The reason is Brazilian…

Fortaleza Januar 2015

Welcome to the traffic and garbage of Brazilian cities. Fortaleza is really not what I would call a beauty city… BUT! Still, I had a great time there. If you travel in the northeast of Brazil you pass Fortaleza several times because a lot of buses go through there and it is also where the…

Jericoacoara January 2015

Jericoacoara Sweet and short Jericoacoara is called Jeri. I went there for Kite Surfing and any activities I can do there. To go there I took the services of Fredcar. They bring you with a rolling freezer to Jijoco and from there with this rolling shaker to Jeri. Shaken and frozen I arrived the place….

Bulgarien im Dezember 2014

Bulgarien sollte vielleicht eher im Sommer als im Winter besucht werden. Die bulgarische Küste lädt zu einem günstigen Strandurlaub ein oder man erkundet eine Stadt und geniesst gutes Gemüse wie es im nördlicheren Europa nicht wächst oder gutes Fleisch wie es anderswo nicht mehr zu diesen Preisen zu haben ist. Nun gut… ich konnte nicht…